Teenagers today face so many challenges and can easily get lost in the chaos. I wanted to create a space for teens that promotes self care and wellness. The LeahsVibez Team has created and designed t-shirts with positive messages that YOU can wear and feel EMPOWERED! Another LeahsVibez creation is the  LVibez box which contains all the tools you need to get into self care! A portion of my proceeds will be donated to various Youth organizations to create programming and activities that promote Teen Wellness! I thank you for your support & I can’t wait to vibe with you:) 

Love, Leah <3



Leah is 17 year old young woman who is born and raised in NYC. She enjoys being creative and going on adventures. Leah is full of positivity and she loves good laugh. Leah learned at a very young age to take care of her mind and body; not just to be able to perform on the show stage but to perform on the life stage. Leah is currently a 12th grader and she has her sights set on college to study a subject she can use to give back to her community. Wherever her path takes her, one thing is for sure she will continue to take care of herself and she hopes you do the same!